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What are the primary sources of air pollution?

Tobacco smoke – is one of the smallest allergens.

Pollen – It comes from trees, flowers and grass, and even opening a door can allow millions of these particles into a home. Some people are particularly sensitive to the presences of certain pollen particles.

Animal dander and saliva – People who are allergic to cats and dogs are actually allergic to the dander flakes their pets shed. Dander can remain in a home long after the presence of the host animal. Also, the protein found in animal saliva is the most allergenic part of an animal. Both animal dander and saliva can be found in carpeting, bedding and on the furniture – basically anywhere your pet has been.

Mould and mildew – Typically found in the shower, kitchen or basement, these sneaky plant spores also grow any place that’s warm and humid.

Dust - A combination of bacteria, atmospheric debris (mainly invisible) and other airborne particles (visible to the naked eye).

Although not always detectable by the eye or nose, many of these air pollutants create a hazardous environment, which negatively affects the air you breathe and can aggravate and instigate allergy symptoms.

Some people feel personally concerned about indoor air quality and many understand the causes of it. But now, you need to do the right things to combat it.

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