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Pure quality. Innovative design. Advanced Technology. Experience Pure Indoor Living with Bionaire® Brands.

The Bionaire® brand is committed to pure indoor living. As a company, we are pioneers and perfectionists, innovators and idealists. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation and design to create exceptional products to help you perfect your home environment.

You spend 90% of your time indoors, and you and your family deserve exceptional purity, comfort and freshness in your indoor environment. Offering an ideal balance of form and function, Bionaire® products help you transform the air inside your home, keeping your family comfortable and ensuring that your indoor environment is healthful, revitalizing and pure.

Experience Pure Indoor Living with the Bionaire® Brand.

Company Overview

Bionaire® Brand

Pure perfection for pure life.

A pioneer in its field, the Bionaire® brand believes that if there's a better way out there, it we will be the first to find it by imaginatively blending technology and nature, art and science. The Bionaire® brand relentlessly pursues pure perfection for all those who demand pure quality, pure design and pure simplicity in their home environment in the ultimate quest or pure indoor living.

Heritage & Milestones

We are proud of our 20-year history of making people more comfortable while providing superior style, quality and innovation. We recognize that this spirit of innovation has made us who we are today and will lead to greater success through the millennium. Here are some of the milestones that have helped shape who we are today.

1977- Bionaire® brand is introduced in Montreal, Canada with a line of Air Purifiers with Ionizers made to improve indoor air quality. At the time, Ionizers were on the cutting edge of air filtration technology, which proved to be a stepping stone for the Bionaire® brands presence in air purification and other home comfort categories.

1983 - Bionaire® products brings Ultrasonic humidifiers into the North American market, increasing awareness of the Bionaire® brand, and becoming the largest humidifier distributor at that time.

1989 - Bionaire® brand introduces warm mist humidifiers to the North American market.

1994 - Bionaire® brand introduces the first full line of evaporative cool mist humidifiers, designed for consumer ease of use.

1996- Bionaire® products further expand into the air purification market by introducing a line of up to 99.97% HEPA air purifiers.

1998 - Bionaire® brand creates a line of Ultra HEPA, or ULPA, air purifiers which offer the highest filtration then available on the market.

2000 - Bionaire® brand introduces a new heater line and a new advanced technology to the heater category, improving overall performance and design, while becoming leaders in premium home comfort.

2001 - Bionaire® products complete the home comfort assortment by creating a new line of fans. Including, innovative fan blade technology that provides more airflow, yet is quieter than other fans at equal airflow settings.

2002- Galileo® Wireless Climate Center is introduced on select heaters and humidifiers to create a new way of controlling appliances and maintaining home comfort.

2003- Bionaire® brand launches the BDQ24 dehumidifier — the dehumidifier. The first dehumidifier produced by Bionaire® brand.

2004 - Bionaire® brand is introduced in Europe.

2007 - Bionaire® brand is introduced in Latin America,

2008 - In March 2008 Bionaire® brand is introduced in India.

2009 - Bionaire® brand launches Mosquito fan in Latin America.

2010 - Bionaire® brand introduces Aroma fan in Europe, Latin America and Canada.

2012 - Eco-friendly lines – Oil-Free heaters and Energy Saving fan – launched by Bionaire® brand (Oil-Free heaters in Europe, Latin America and Canada; Energy Saving fan in Europe).


Research & Development
Our Research & Development team is the lifeblood of our company. Dozens of engineers, product managers and test staff spend thousands of hours researching and developing new products. These are our inventors, our innovators and our dreamers.

Permanent Air Purifier Filters
Permanent Air Purifier filters outperform filter-less fan-less air cleaners. The first of their kind to offer HEPA-type filtration in a permanent filter that never has to be replaced. Simply vacuum the filter every 3 months and enjoy the benefit of HEPA-type filtration, which is up to 99.97% efficient in capturing 0.3-micron particles of pollen, dust, mould spores and pet dander.

Permanent Humidifier Filters
Our permanent humidifier filters use exclusive composite materials to filter out mineral deposits found in the water in order to deliver clean, healthy moisture to your dry space. These filters are very easy to clean so that you can have continuous clean air. Just follow the easy cleaning instructions provided and they'll be no need to replace the filter, saving you time and money.

Smart Heaters
Our innovative line of smart heaters revolutionizes the way you think about portable electric heaters and safety. These Bionaire® heaters incorporate the most comprehensive package of safety features available. It combines patent pending technologies with the innovation that you’ve come to expect from all Bionaire® heaters.

Wireless Climate Centre
The sensor in the wireless climate centre constantly monitors the surrounding temperature or humidity level in a humidifier or air quality level in an air cleaner. Radio frequency technology sends continuous signals from the wireless sensor to the heater (or humidifier or air purifier) to maintain the set temperature (or humidity level or air quality conditions) and communicates from across the room, even through obstacles.

Air Quality Sensor
Infrared optical sensors are used to detect tiny particles in the air – such as pollen, dust and smoke – and automatically adjust the speed of the air cleaner in response to air quality conditions to provide optimum filtration. This module is multi-functional, and includes an alarm clock, lighted air quality indicator, programmable operation/timer function, and allows you to operate the air cleaner from across the room.

Digital Controls
You choose the temperature that defines warmth for you. You choose the humidity level that is most soothing for you. You choose the air quality level that brings you the highest level of comfort. The appliance does the rest. The Bionaire® products digital control panels display the settings you select, as well as the current room condition. The backlit display is easy to read, and a nightlight feature is included on many models.

Digital Thermostat
Set the temperature that's right for your room. The heater will cycle on and off to maintain your desired temperature, warming the room only to your specification. As an added feature, the current room temperature is always displayed, even when the heater is turned off.

Digital Humidistat
Select the humidity level that brings you the most comfort. The humidifier will cycle on and off to maintain your desired humidity level. The digital humidistat will display the current room humidity level, even when the humidifier is turned off. A refill indicator light signifies when the reservoir needs to be filled with water to maintain optimal performance.

Filter Indicators
Humidifiers and Air Purifiers use filter service indicators to ensure the highest level of comfort and performance. A small light will illuminate indicating when it is time to replace the existing filter. This ensures the air cleaner is working at its optimal efficiency, delivering the cleanest possible air for you to breathe.

Mosquito Repellent Diffusor
Insect repellant diffusor is built into fan, using all major brands of tablets.

Aroma Diffusor
Aroma diffusor is built into fan, using all major brands of scented oils. The intensity of aroma diffusion can be regulated.

Energy Saving Technology
Fan has strong air flow while using 45% less energy. It requires less energy to rotate the fan blades because its low profile DC motor relies more on magnets than traditional fan motors. Magnetic forces naturally propel the fan blades without using unnecessary energy.

Oil Free Technology
Contemporary home décor design along with up to 3x faster heat and 40% lighter than equivalent oil filled radiators. Both ecological and performance elements make this new heater a must have for a pleasant warmth experience.

Product Design
Bionaire® brand has earned a reputation through continuous improvements in design and technology. Exploring the world around us, analyzing home trends, tapping endless resources for design and technology inspiration are just some of the ways we deliver high performance products that fit in your home environment. We analyze colour trends that will blend with room décor to ensure that our products complement the rooms in your home without overpowering them. Our industrial design takes into account the lines, textures and materials of other items in your home. We develop control panels that are easy to read and simple to operate, because simplicity is the key to a peaceful life at home.

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