Choosing the right model

Portable heaters are a great way to make every room in your house comfortable.

Large Rooms:
Heating need: Lower energy bills
Solutions: Looking to save energy? Efficient new technology allows you to add consistent heat to larger commonly used areas and turn down the thermostat.
Technology: Large flat panel, convection, Micathermic, and electric fireplace models are designed to maintain heat in larger rooms.

Small Rooms:
Heating need: Remote bedroom or office
Solutions: Rather than heating up the whole house, a portable heater can efficiently add warmth to a room that’s too cool.
Technology: Compact fan-forced or ceramic designs are great for adding warmth to smaller bedrooms

Personal Space:
Heating need: Varying personal preferences
Solutions: Guests coming to stay? Family members can’t agree? Small portable heating solutions are a great way to keep everyone comfortable and content.
Technology: Compact fan-forced or ceramic designs are great for adding warmth to personal space.

Drafty Rooms:
Heating need: 3-Season Porches
Solutions: Add targeted heat to drafty areas or 3-season porches with efficient portable heaters.
Technology: In drafty rooms, radiant heaters are like letting the sun in, adding warmth where you direct them.

Active Homes:
Heating need: Children & pets
Solutions: For extra peace of mind, look for products that offer additional features that protect your family.
Technology: All Bionaire® heaters are equipped with the latest safety features including Tip Over Protection, Cool-Touch Housing and Auto Safety Shut-Off.

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