How the products work

Bionaire® fans continually brings to the market new innovations in fan blade technologies that efficiently produce strong, quiet airflow to cool any home. Modern fan designs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to offer the right cooling solution for any size room. From traditional to modern and from large tower style to compact desk models, Bionaire® fans are designed to fit your lifestyle, décor and cooling requirements.

Additional Tips to Keep You Cool
To help keep your home cool and comfortable, take these additional steps during the hot summer months.

• Minimize indoor heat- and moisture-generating activities.
• Reduce the amount of heat in your home by controlling heat sources such as incandescent lights, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, and solar gain through windows and insufficient insulation.
• Remove unwanted heat and moisture at its source (showers, laundry, cooking, wet basements and crawlspaces) with a dehumidifier.
• Prevent heat and moisture movement from outside to the inside with air sealing and insulation.
• Using a fan to circulate cool air while the air conditioner is operating can allow you minimize usage and still feel comfortable, saving your money.
• Shade sunny windows with landscaping, shades, curtains, or awnings.
• When using the air conditioner, close all windows and turn off exhaust fans (unless they are removing source heat and/or moisture).
• Clean or change filters monthly and clean the fan blades as needed.

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